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Introducing the HomeoPup Kit

Homeopathy provides a safe and effective alternative approach common healthcare issues seen in dogs and puppies.

The kit enables the owner to help stimulate a healing response to common conditions at home and does not interfere with normal veterinary care.

In addition, the kit includes Arnica 200C, the remedy shown to be most useful in alleviating trauma and bruising after an acute injury.

Why use the HomeoPup Kit?

  • It contains ten of the finest professional quality homeopathic remedies
  • High potency remedies cannot be purchased in a store.
  • Treats a number of dogs with enough remedy to last for years
  • Designed by an experiences classical homeopath to cover many common conditions
  • Comes in water-resistant case and includes a detailed instruction booklet.

Remember that one HomeoPup homeopathy kit for dogs contains enough remedies to treat several dogs in a household for many years and you will always have the correct remedy handy when you need it


Karen Cohen, D.C., CCH

is a classically trained homeopath with 24 years of clinical experience treating humans and animals. The information in the kit and on the website is the result of extensive experience and research, including a detailed study of the writings of homeopathic veterinarians as well as years of clinical experience with dogs and puppies.


Remedies for your dog’s Condition

Some of the common problems dog's suffer are:
  • Hot spots
  • Allergies
  • Digestive problems
and many more... Learn More