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Aconite – Aconitum napellus – Monkshood

Primary use: Fright, and sudden feverish illness especially after exposure to cold dry wind.


Aconite might be indicated in the first stages of a painful illness and it is especially useful in illnesses that come on after exposure to cold dry wind. Characteristically there is a sudden onset of symptoms. Conditions such as sudden fever or cold symptoms that come on suddenly or that closely follow a cold snap or wind-storm respond to Aconite. The dog might also be panting and thirsty.


Aconite is a very important remedy for dogs who panic or demonstrate terror. In an Aconite case the mental state of the dog is terror and this can be reflected in the physical symptoms such as rapid respiration, bounding pulse, shining or widened eyes, or trembling. (The guiding symptom in human homeopathy is the feeling that death is near.) Aconite is the first remedy to think of for fear and shock. If a dog is frightened by distressing situations think of Aconite.  Aconite can help the frightened dog or puppy regain composure.


General indications or modalities:

✦ Worse from fright, shock or emotional trauma

✦ Dogs that seem agitated long after a fright

✦ Worse from dry cold wind or exposure to cold

✦ Better from fresh air, rest. Can be better after sweating


Conditions that respond to Aconite:

Sudden ailments; violent and painful accidents; fear of death; restlessness, tossing, flushing and/or palpitation; acute inflammatory complaints; ailments from exposure to cold, dry wind or after shock or fear; fear of unknown and unfamiliar things; spookiness that persists after a frightening experience; the early stage of respiratory infections or the beginning of any febrile (feverish) condition. Older homeopaths that worked with animals before the advent of antibiotics often reported that one could prevent a serious infection by using Aconite at the very first hint of illness.


Dosage: Give one to three times daily at the first hint of illness or for fright or trauma. For severe acute conditions the remedy can be given every ten to fifteen minutes. Stop when you see improvement and do not repeat again until symptoms recur.