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Conium maculatum

Primary use: Useful for older dogs with weakness or paralysis of the hind end, eye problems. Glandular problems in which the glands become hard and tumors.


Conium is a wonderful remedy for older dogs, particularly if they have degenerative conditions of the spinal cord or eyes.  Eye problems can cause the dog to be hypersensitive to light and feel better in the dark.  The eyes can water excessively or the lids might be heavy and it will be hard for the dog to keep her eyes open.  Conium can also help ulceration of the cornea.

Conium is an excellent remedy older dogs who are becoming sluggish with age or experiencing problems walking, incoordination in gait, trembling, sudden loss of strength while walking, painful stiffness of legs, etc. Conium can help with paraplegic conditions and any hind leg weakness.  Dosage with Conium has given excellent results in post-distemper paralysis in dogs

Conium can be useful controlling tumor growth especially if the tumors are hard and associated with glands such as the testes or mammary (teats) especially when the growth comes on in older age.  Some forms of hardening of the lymph glands will also benefit.

As the dog ages there can also be weakness of the bladder.  This remedy helps preserve the function of the bladder so that urination is normal and complete emptying of the bladder can be accomplished.

Its affinity to hardened tissue suggests its use in prostate enlargement in dogs.


General indications or modalities:

✦  Stiffness of the legs and weakness or paralysis of the hind end

✦  Glandular conditions with hardening of the glands, breasts, testes

✦  Degeneration of the spinal cord with ascending paralysis

✦   Ulceration of the cornea, weakness of the lids, excessive tearing

✦  Worse lying down, or rising from the bed

✦  Better in the dark, from pressure and with less food.


Conditions that respond to Conium:

Weakness and hind end paralysis in older dogs, bladder weakness, corneal ulceration, hard indurated glands, tumors of the glands


Dosage:  Give one dose per day for paralysis, corneal ulceration, glandular conditions.  Stop when you see improvement and do not repeat again until symptoms recur.