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Ledum palustre

Primary use:

Puncture wounds, wounds caused by insects or reactions to any sort of venomous bite.  injuries to the eyes.  Rheumatic conditions.

Ledum is an excellent remedy for insect bites, mosquito bites, spider bites, rat bites or even snake bites.  In the case of a suspected snake bite always have your dog evaluated by your veterinarian.  The wound of the bite can feel cold and the area around the wound might twitch.  Ledum will also help in cases of splinters or wounds made by nails. These bites might itch especially if it is warm outside.  Think of ledum if the dog gets puncture wounds made by the claws of a cat.  If the cat scratch becomes infected use Hepar sulphuricum instead of Ledum.

Ledum is very useful in injuries to the eyes where there is bruising-the equivalent of a “black eye” in humans.

Ledum can also be used to help rheumatic or arthritic conditions of the legs.  The soreness tends to “ascend” beginning in the paws and then moving upwards.  The Ledum dog might prefer to be left alone.

General indications or modalities:

✦  Puncture wounds such as splinters wounds caused by sharp objects

✦  Rheumatic conditions of the legs: the dog seems to prefer cold or wants to place his feet in cold water

✦  Edema of the paws, swelling that feels cold to the touch

✦  Worse at night from the heat of being on a bed

✦  Better from cold applications


Conditions that respond to Ledum:

Itching caused by insect or flea bites, puncture wounds, arthritis of the legs especially if the dog seems to prefer cold rather than warmth, bruising around the eye.

Dosage: One or two pellets per day.  Stop when you see improvement and do not repeat again until symptoms recur.