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Mercurius solubilis

Primary use: Severe inflammatory conditions, especially with foul smelling discharge.  Abcessed teeth, urinary tract infections, infections of the mucous membranes, bloody diarrhea.

NOTE: Because Mercurius is a wonderful remedy for severe infectious disorders it is important to also have a veterinary consultation before proceeding with complimentary home care.

In general, the dog needing Mercurius can be irritable or aggressive.  They can be jealous of their own special person and suspicious of strangers.  They are also fiercely loyal.  Mercurius dogs seem to salivate more that others of the same breed and their mouths can have a strong odor. Dogs that need this remedy can exhibit salivation, bleeding gums, rotting teeth.  If the dog has an external ear infection the discharge is greenish and thick and foul smelling.  The tongue can be coated or swollen.

The G.I. tract can be affected resulting in diarrhea.  The dog might strain and have several bowel movements that contain mucous or blood.  There can be urging and straining to make urine and the the urine can be tinged in blood.  Often the dog will become very thirsty.

The bleeding typical in cases that need Mercurius can result in the dog becoming anemic

General indications or modalities:

✦ Infections with foul smelling discharges, yellow-green and thick

✦  Emotionally aggressive, irritability, growling, stubborn

✦  Salivation, foul smelling breath, spongy or bleeding gums

✦  Affected areas can shoe tissue destruction and ulcerate

✦  Worse sunset to sunrise (at night) from fatty foods

✦  Better from rest and warm appications

Conditions that respond to Mercurius:

Decaying or abscessed teeth, foul smelling breath with inflammation or bleeding of the gums, severe hotspots that have become infected. Chronic infections of the ears and eyes with much purulent discharge. Urinary tract infections with pus or blood in the urine.  Ulcerative colitis.

Dosage:  Give one dose up to three times a day for active infection. Stop when you see improvement and do not repeat again until symptoms recur.  Again, make sure that your veterinarian is consulted for these conditions.