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Ruta graveolens-Meadow Rue

Primary use:  Ligamentous or tendon strains.  Bone bruises and knee injuries

The dog can have pain while standing and stretching or lying down but this becomes even worse with movement.  Due to the tendon injury the dog will often limp.  Think of this remedy if your dog has an injury to the ACL (Anterior cruciate ligament).  Because the dog has a deep bruise he can be sensitive to touch.  Dogs needing Ruta can be irritable.  Their eyes might water constantly and appear red.

Prolapse of the rectum caused by straining during stool can also be helped by Ruta


General indications or modalities:

✦  Pain in the soft tissues of the extremities such as ligaments and tendons

✦  ACL injuries

✦  Sprains and strains that are better from some motion, but worse from real work

✦  Worse from cold wet weather

✦  Can be worse after lying down

✦  Better from warmth


Dosage:  Give one dose one to three times a day after ligamentous injury; continue for 3 days. Because ligaments are slow to heal the remedy can be repeated twice a week for 1 to 3 weeks.  Stop when you see improvement and do not repeat again until symptoms recur.