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Primary use: Skin problems, wounds which are slow to heal, Constipation, Abscess, Cysts


Dogs that need Silica remedy tend to have delicate or sensitive skin and a skin eruptions that do not heal easily, such as abscesses and cysts.  The temperament is often timid and sweet, and the dogs might be thin and have difficulty holding weight.

This remedy is well known for its ability to help expel foreign material such as splinters, foxtails, and thorns from the body. It is useful in resolving abscesses and infections at the root of teeth.  Silica is a good remedy for illnesses that linger such as the dog that always has a slight runny nose or chronic sinusitis.  Silica can help heal corneal ulcers and might retard the development of cataracts.  Silica can treat constipation and also helps impacted anal glands.  Silica can diminish the negative effects of vaccinations.


General indications or modalities:

✦  Shy sweet dogs with sensitive skin. Sensitive to loud sudden noises

✦  Splinters, foxtails, abscess, wounds that fail to heal

✦  Lingering chronic conditions

✦  Worse in the cold, better from warmth


Conditions that respond to Silica:

Abscess, cysts, splinters, slow healing wounds, tooth root abscesses, gum infections, corneal ulcers.  Weak bones and diseases of the bone.  Constipation, impacted anal glands, problems following vaccination.