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Thuja occidentalis – Arborvitae, Tree of Life

Primary use:  The ill effects of vaccination; warts


Thuja (pronounced thu-ya) is traditionally considered the remedy to turn to for all instances of negative effects after vaccines (a condition called vaccinosis). Signs of vaccinosis can include large, hard lumps that remain days after the vaccination; warts, sarcoids, general fatigue or lack of health that comes on after vaccinations.  This might include the sudden appearance of allergies and skin eruptions following immunizations. Many holistic veterinarians recommend that Thuja be given concurrently with any vaccination but it probably is better to handle each dog as an individual and give the remedy if any signs of vaccinosis occur.


One characteristic that is an indication for Thuja is overgrowth of tissue, thus Thuja is an important remedy for the treatment of warts.  The warts have a rough cauliflower-like surface and might bleed or give off a foul-smelling discharge.  The warts of Thuja can appear anywhere but are often found either on the muzzle or around the genitals. The dog can be particularly affected in the scrotum and sheath area by warts.


Thuja has been found to be useful in the treatment of neglected, chronic cases of hoof degeneration.  The hoof can appear to be curling upwards at the toes.  Because Thuja is useful in treating tissue overgrowth, it might be very helpful in preventing proud flesh or the granulation tissue overgrowth that can follow an injury.


Many skin conditions including rain rot or rain scald and Scratches respond favorably to Thuja.


General indications or modalities:

✦  Worse from cold damp air

✦  Worse from being vaccinated

✦  Better lying on the left side.  Symptoms can be worse on the left side


Conditions that respond to Thuja:

Bad effects from vaccinations; Warts, Rain rot

Thuja is useful for bleeding fungal growths; anal warts, sarcoids, spongy tumors, glandular enlargement.  The genito-urinary system responds well to this remedy including ailments with thick, yellow-green discharges; increased sexual urges. Other conditions include hair that grows slowly and splits, or after re-vaccination when the hair is very dry and possibly falling out.



Give with vaccinations to sensitive dogs; one dose.  Give once a day for five days if vaccinosis occurs.  Treat daily for one week for most cases of warts.  For rain rot: daily for five days and repeat if symptoms recur.