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Apis – Apis mellifica – Honeybee

Primary use: Skin eruptions that are hot, red, swollen and itchy or burning such as hives.  Conditions that feature heat and swelling.

Conditions that respond to Apis resemble a bee sting.  .

The dog that needs Apis might be restless, and irritable or sullen and depressed.  Even though the condition feels hot to the touch the dog might not be very thirsty.  The dog might not be able to find a position of comfort and appear agitated.

General indications or modalities:

✦ Hot  red and shining spots, Swelling

✦ Worse heat or touch—even light touch

✦ Intolerant of the sun and heated rooms

✦ Better from cold applications or cool fresh air

✦ The symptoms can come on very suddenly.

Conditions that respond to Apis:

Hot spots, burns, hives, insect bites and stings.  Swelling of the tongue, eyes, ears, or limb especially when the swollen part feels warm to the touch.  Apis can be useful in swelling of the mammary nipples or genitalia. Apis also treats edema and can be used in conditions of internal swelling. 

Dosage: Give one dose.  For severe acute conditions the remedy can be given every fifteen or twenty minutes.  Stop when you see improvement and do not repeat again until symptoms recur.