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Hepar sulphuricum



Primary use: Abscessed wounds, painful inflammatory conditions


This remedy is useful in the treatment of wounds that have become infected, either before or after pus has been produced.  It helps abscesses to come to a head, drain and resolve.  The wounds that occur after a cat scratch or the bite of another dog can often respond quickly to this remedy.  Think of using Hepar sulphuricum for abscessed wounds or abscesses of the teeth, or in conditions in which pus is freely being produced.


With the intense pain of the abscess, the dog may become irritable and aggressive and very sensitive to touch.  Dogs needing Hepar sulphuricum are usually very chilly and avoid drafty places.  They might seek out the warmest spot in the house.

General indications or modalities:

✦  The wound is painful to the touch

✦  The wound might be hot and might have pus

✦  The wound might bleed easily

✦  The dog is chilly and worse from the cold

Conditions that respond to Hepar sulphuricum

Abscessed wounds, abscessed teeth; hot spots, mastitis, sinusitis, wounds that are contaminated with dirt.

Dosage:  Give one dose every eight to ten hours to resolve an abscess or to bring it to a head and allow draining.  Stop when you see improvement and do not repeat again until symptoms recur.