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Nux vomica


Primary use: from bad food or water or overeating in dogs with an irritable temperament. Also very useful if your dog eats a toxic plant of food like chocolate or has a bad reaction from a drug.  A remedy for dogs that have super sensitive stomachs and get sick or have diarrhea any time their diet is changed.


Dogs that need Nux vomica have an irritable and sensitive temperament.  They might be overly sensitive to noise, light and other stimulus.  When in pain they are jumpy, angry, or they can be depressed and resentful and not want to be touched.


The type of colic that responds to Nux vomica is often brought on by overeating, or eating bad food or water.  Dogs that need Nux vomica will often have diarrhea with any change in their food.  You might see diarrhea after a change in the diet.  There might be strong spastic contractions, and urging without the ability to pass stool.  The bowels might be blocked and strong spasms and straining are the result.  In addition there might be intestinal rumbling and gurgling.  The intestines can also be bloated.  Constipation, nausea, retching, diarrhea and intussusception (the dangerous telescoping of the bowel) all are symptoms that might be helped by Nux vomica.


The dog that needs Nux vomica is often in a bad mood and is very sensitive to any kind of stimulus including touch, noise and light and strong odors.  They often walk around slowly, are restless. Think of this remedy if there is restlessness, sensitivity, and indigestion.

Nus vomica is also a good remedy for exposure to toxins, poisonous plants or drugs.  Generally these exposures will result in the typical Nux vomica picture of spasms, sensitivity and irritability. Nux can be life supporting if your dog has ingested a toxic substance – it can be given immediately to your dog on your way to the vet.

General indications or modalities:

✦  Indigestion or colic with strong spasms

✦  Constipation with straining

✦  Dull pain or violent pains

✦  Irritated and worse from touch.  Worse at 3-4 am.

✦   The dog is chilly and will seek a warm spot or improve with heat

✦   Better from strong pressure  Better after a nap.

Conditions that respond to Nux vomica

Indigestion from overeating or bad food or water;

impaction colic in dogs; spasms of the gut with rumbling and gurgling; constipation or straining to make stool.  Nux vomica also helps reverse negative effects from drugs or drug overdose, or accidental poisoning.  Can be useful after overexertion.


Dosage:  Give one dose every 30 minutes or more frequently if symptoms are severe.  Reduce dosage to one time a day.  Stop when you see improvement and do not repeat again until symptoms recur.