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Pulsatilla nigricans– Wind Flower


Primary use: Separation Anxiety, Infections with yellow or creamy discharges, problems in pregnancy.


Pulsatilla is a wonderful remedy for dogs who are so attached to their owners that they become frightened anxious and self mutilating or destructive when left alone.  The Pulsatilla dog might express anxiety unless constantly petted or on the lap.  They are happy when the center of attention and can have the doggy equivalent of a tantrum when left alone.
Pulsatilla is also a good remedy for yellow discharges from the eyes, ears, or nose.  Dogs needing Pulsatilla can have digestive disturbances from eating too much fat.  Female dogs needing Pulsatilla might have symptoms of false pregnancy or problems with milk production.


General indications or modalities:

✦  Frequently seen in female dogs Dogs can be affectionate or clingy

✦  Yellow or creamy discharge

✦  Thirstlessness

✦  Worse from eating fats

✦  Worse in the heat or in a warm room

✦  Better going outside in the cool air


Conditions that respond to Pulsatilla:

Rhinitis, Sinusitis, ear infection, bladder infection with pus in the urine, Also useful for ulcers that do not heal.  Separation anxiety.


Dosage:  Give one dose a day for three days for separation anxiety and then wait and do not re-dose unless the behavior becomes worse again.  For conditions with discharge, give once a day until you see improvement.  Stop when you see improvement and do not repeat again until symptoms recur.