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Primary use: Skin conditions and allergic skin reactions

Dogs that need Sulphur might be extremely independent and intelligent but they often have a dirty or unkempt appearance and they are not good at self grooming.  (The homeopathic image of Sulphur in humans is “the absent-minded professor” a man who is always deep in thought but wears raggedy unmatched clothing)  These dogs can also be a bit on the lazy side preferring to lie down rather than stand or exercise.  The Sulphur dog tends to be overly warm and heat has a negative effect on the skin and hair producing dry skin that that is flaky or covered with itching eruptions and dull rough or dry coats that can also be greasy or odorous. The eruptions are red and might burn or itch the dog and bathing the dog often makes the skin worse.  The eyes can appear to be ringed in red and the gums can be overly red.  The anus can be red irritated and itchy causing the dog to lick excessively bite itself or scoot on the floor.  


General indications or modalities:

✦  Red itching or flaking skin conditions made worse by heat

✦  Allergic skin conditions; dry flaky skin, dandruff, eczema,

✦  Dull dry lusterless coats

✦  Dogs that easily get flea or worm infestations

✦  Worse heat and warmth and Worse from bathing


Conditions that respond to Sulphur:

Skin problems such as eczema, mange. All allergic skin reactions such as flea allergy dermatitis.  Sulphur is also used to help in general with scratching, nibbling and rubbing, self-biting as well as dandruf, sores and scabs, and greasy unhealthy skin.  Sulphur dogs can have a sudden diarrhea early in the morning.