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Remedies that can be Added to your kit

In addition you can choose to add additional remedies to your kit for specific conditions:


Aconite 200C

Useful in  cases of canine panic.  Helpful whenever there is a fright or shock.  Also good for sudden feverish illness or ailments that come after exposure to cold wind (Think of hurricane Katrina)


Belladonna 200C

This remedy is very useful in cases of heatstroke and fevers.

Belladonna affects the vascular and nervous system and many of the symptoms are associated with hyperthermia (high fever) The dog might have dilated pupils, a kind of wild look in the eye and a huge bounding pulse, so great that you could almost see the heart beating in the chest.


Conium 200C          

Useful for a number of conditions seen in older dogs, Weakness or paralysis of the hind end. Eye problems such as watering of the eyes or leakness of the lids. Glandular problems in which the glands become hard and certain types of tumors.


Gelsemium 200C          

This remedy is very useful for situations in which there is weakness, trembling or collapse.  This can happen from acute illness or in an older dog who has neurologic weakness of the legs

This is also a wonderful remedy for anticipation anxiety.


Ledum 200C          

Used for puncture wounds, insect stings, splinters, helps prevent the tendency for puncture wounds to become infected.  Also can be used for injuries to the eye and specific rheumatic conditions


Mercurius 200C          

Useful in severe inflammatory conditions, especially when there is foul smelling discharge.  Abcessed teeth, urinary tract infections, infections of the mucous membranes, bloody diarrhea.


Podophylluym 200C          

The best remedy for intestinal diarrhea.

Gastritis with vomiting and diarrhea. Rectal prolapse after diarrhea.


Ruta graveolens 200C          

Ligamentous or tendon strains.

The dog can have pain while standing and stretching or lying down but this becomes even worse with movement.


Silicea 200C          

A remedy for wounds especially in older wounds that fester and fail to heal. Aids in the resolution of splinter; or wounds with foreign objects including sutures. Also useful for constipation